AGIC research provides vital intel for Australian golf industry

July 16th, 2016

The Australian Golf Industry Council (AGIC) has undertaken the most in-depth analysis of the Australian golf industry since 2005, providing fresh insight into the golf landscape in Australia.

The data collected will enable the golf industry to understand and engage current and potential participants in order to grow participation and ensure the continued relevance of the sport to future generations.

The comprehensive study surveyed males and females aged 18 and above across metropolitan and rural areas, and produced some interesting key findings including: 

• 1.15 million Australians have played a round of golf in the last 12 months

• 2.1 million Australians have picked up a golf club to practice or play some form of the game in the last 12 months (includes the 1.15 million who have played a round)

• One third of current players have participated in a golf lesson or clinic

• The most common way people start playing golf is via a friend or partner introducing them to the game

• Social reasons are the main driver for play, followed by individual competition. Playing while on holiday or travelling came third. 

• Over half of the respondents believed that more golf, amongst those already playing, could be achieved with cheaper green fees and membership options and further to this, more flexible membership options. 

• Amongst the total group, putting cost aside, key needs to generate more play centre on fun and social options, followed by options to play a short (i.e. quick) game, connection with the people played with and a clear pathway for learning and development. 

• Golf generates significant travel in and out of Australia, with 29% travelling interstate to play and 12% heading overseas. 

• Golf overall is seen as a low intensity sport, allowing the appreciation of the outdoors, however it is also seen as expensive, exclusive and having too many rules.

“An important project for every stakeholder in the Australian golf industry, the AGIC commissioned this research so that it could be shared with everyone for the benefit of the game” said Brian Thorburn, CEO of the PGA of Australia and Chairman of the AGIC.

“The research identifies the key changes in the golf industry as well as emerging consumer demands, which will allow the golf industry to capitalise on a range of opportunities.”

The full report can be found on the AGIC website www.agic.org.au